The “Spice” Of Life

The “Spice” Of Life

The “Spice” of Life

I rarely recommend (or use) any spices or flavorings or anything like that. But there is one certain spice that you can actually use to build muscle AND lose fat.

Oh, and it tastes pretty good too.


And that spice is CINNAMON.


The health benefits of cinnamon are numerous such as:

-Moderates blood sugar (fat loss :)

-Powerful Antioxidants

-Increase Glucose Metabolism

-Recent studies show its ability to reduce triglycerides, and total cholesterol

-Anti-inflammatory properties


And the list goes on…


I want to focus on the things the properties of cinnamon that are going to allow us to build more muscle and burn more fat.

And perhaps the most important property to understand is that cinnamon acts as an insulin mimic. It is this property that enables cinnamon to moderate blood sugar and increase glucose metabolism (shown in some studies by as much as 20X normal rate…)!

So let’s put this to use…

If you have ever taken creatine, you know the gains in strength (often around 10% increases). Now for creatine to be effective it has to enter, and best of all, saturate your muscle cells.

This is where insulin comes in, because insulin basically opens the flood gates of the muscle cells for creatine to enter.

I hope you see where we are going with this…

Since cinnamon is an insulin mimic, it aids in the transport of creatine (as well as other nutrients) into the muscle cells. In addition to being a mimic, cinnamon with its active ingredient, methylhydroxychalcone, boosts actual release of insulin from the pancreas. All of this results in greater uptake of creatine, and greater overall gains in strength and size.

I have always recommended taking creatine with a glucose based carb to increase the absorption rate of your creatine. By using cinnamon extract, you can attain this same increase without the need to consume as much simple sugars.

This is a very strategic method to continue feeding your muscles even when you are really dieting down and getting shredded. Classic SSI System (check out and the ScientificFormula Diet if you are interested in learning more about the SSI System…which stands for Strategic Scientific Integration).

Maximize your supplementation, your gains, and your muscles with science. Take ~200mg of Cinnulin (water-soluble extract) with your pre and post-workout creatine. NOTE: some creatine products already have this ingredient in it.

P.S. I still recommend the glucose post workout :)


Aim High. Get Ripped.



Kevin Stock




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